We believe that it is important for all our breeding stock to live in a loving family home. It is not possible to have all of them at home with us and give them the care and attention they deserve. To that end we carefully select families to share ownership with us during the dog's breeding years.

How about the breeding?

Shefferluka Labradoodles will breed a male dog until 6 years of age. Females will have a MAXIMUM of 3 litters of puppies. We have found that the most effective way to ensure pregnancy is by TCI (trans cervical insemination), or surgical implantation if using frozen semen. This involves a visit to Applecross Vets by both parties

How does this work Female dog owners:

  • Notify Shefferluka Labradoodles on the first day of your girl coming into oestrus
  • Serial progesterone blood tests will be organised at Applecross Vets from day 7/8
  • Girl is usually ready to mate around day 12.  4 weeks after TCI your girl is taken back to Applecross Vets for an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy
  • At this time we will be given a due date and your girl needs to be returned to Shefferluka 7 days prior to the due date so that she can become familiar with her surroundings and get used to her whelping box. If your girl is flown from interstate, she must be sent no later than 7 weeks gestation.

You are most welcome to visit your girl after she has given birth and has settled with her puppies. When the puppies are weaned (6-8 weeks) you can take your girl home Shefferluka Labradoodles are prepared to do all these veterinary visits. You are welcome to attend with your girl if you so desire.

Male Dog Owners:

You will be notified once the prospective mate has come into oestrus and expect to visit Applecross Vet around day 12, however this will be confirmed by progesterone testing. Shefferluka are happy to take your dog to Applecross Vets, however you are welcome to attend if you so desire. Sometimes a collection will be frozen or chilled for interstate/overseas shipment


When your dog has completed its breeding contract, it will be sterilised at the Breeder's expense


Email Shefferluka Labradoodles for a copy of their Family Care Contract. Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.